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Together for a better world

Sustainable Innovation

For Nerta, sustainable innovation is the combination of two important aspects. Nerta develops sustainable products through innovative research in the laboratory.

In the R&D, Nerta always aims to optimize the balance between the effectiveness of the product and respect for the environment. Sustainable innovation combines long-term economic success with environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.

Our goal is to remain an entrepreneurial and independent company by bringing sustainable solutions for cleaning in the car & truck wash, but also in the food industry and professional cleaning business.


Respect for the environment through an efficient production process and plant

The Nerta detergent manufacturing plant is one of the most progressive and environmental-friendly within the sector.

During the construction of the Nerta detergents plant, the stringest environmental and safety requirements of Belgian and European legislation were surpassed.

Nerta vouches environment-friendly production thanks to its ISO 14001 certification.

Nerta values the balance between man and nature. Both in the Nerta production process and in the development of the Nerta products.


Modern facilities

Nerta production plantThe Nerta chemical production plant is based in Belgium (Lokeren, Brandstraat 15). Nerta manufactures its products in this ultra-modern factory since January 2000. The factory has a surface of 6.000m² on a territory of 10.000m².