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In 2012, Nerta established a professional training center for its customers. We provide training on product use and more.

Nerta Academy

Knowledge is one of the keys to long-term success

From our years of experience, we at Nerta are strongly aware that knowledge is one of the keys to success.

Because of this, Nerta established a professional training center in 2012 where our customers are able to follow a thorough training adjusted to their needs. Next to correct instructions, in order to achieve optimal results, other subjects such as regulation, standardization and safety rules are discussed.

The training itself is given by experienced employees at NERTA which guarantees the training to be practical, but most of all useful to you, your employees and your customers.

nerta academy

Nerta does not only want to be a supplier of high quality cleaning and disinfection products, but also a valuable partner who helps her customers to flourish regardless the sector or size. We will gladly take the time to give our customers the personalized advise that they deserve.

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