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Nerta is a leading independent manufacturer of professional cleaning products for car & truck wash. Thanks to its many years of experience and innovative research, Nerta successfully started to explore more and is now active in 4 main industries.

Through years of innovative R&D, Nerta worked itself to the top of the market. With its own factory and ultra-modern installations, combined with its well-known and reliable products, Nerta is still growing in various areas.

Today, Nerta develops and produces 4 ranges of professional cleaning products to the market.

Tailor-made productions and private label

The chemical production plant of Nerta has the ability to develop and manufacture professional detergents based on the customers’ specific requirements or formulations. Private label production is also possible.

Any tailor-made production can be discussed. Powder productions are possible per batch of 1 ton. Automated packaging machines are available in-house, starting at 300 ml, over 500ml, 1l, 5l, up to typical industrial packagings of 25l, 200l and 1000l.

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"innovation is a constant state of mind at nerta."